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Message from the President
Denki Shoji was founded in February 1953 and is committed to introducing technological advancement to society.
We have established mutual confidence with our customers all over the world.
Our reputation for trustworthiness is one of our essential assets.

The core of our business can be classified into three major categories: electrical building materials, electrical and mechanical components and raw materials for product manufacturing and industrial machines and equipment. These advanced products are backed by the superior technical support of our knowledgeable staff.
We have attained our reputation for excellent service through many years of experience as an exclusive agent for various leading manufacturers.

While our principal regional emphasis has been focused in Asian countries, we have also gained more than 60 years of experience in the North American, European and Middle Eastern markets.
We are always working toward industrial development in various regions through our global sales network.

Amidst the astonishing acceleration of globalization and the IT revolution, I wish to encourage management to contribute as leaders in new enterprise deployment and to move forward toward the attainment of an ultimate goal. We are always ready to serve you with our matured experience and wealth of advanced technological knowledge.

Masayasu Miyazaki, President
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